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PR Newswire and Yahoo Finance feature United States Mask. Our mission is to protect Americans by providing American made PPE gear. 


In a time when the majority of personal protective equipment is made overseas — most notably in China — and U.S. supplies are in scarce supply, United States Mask is bringing manufacturing of PPE back to America, increasing both its trustworthiness and availability. The Fort Worth-based company, founded by John Bielamowicz and David Baillargeon, has created the 1836 — an N95 respirator certified by the CDC's National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. The product is sourced and made exclusively in the United States, using state-of-the-art technology and custom machinery.

Built on the idea that masks should be made in America for Americans, Bielamowicz and Baillargeon started their company in April of 2020 when the pair saw that a limited supply of PPE was forcing healthcare personnel, first responders and front-line workers to reuse N95 respirators that had been imported from around the world. Finding the situation unacceptable, the business partners and friends set out on a mission to ensure that professionals have access to N95s that are trustworthy and dependable.

Not only are certified N95 respirators difficult to find in the age of COVID-19, but most are not manufactured in the U.S. By removing reliance on foreign sources, United States Mask aims to avoid disruption and dubious dealings from international supply chains and make N95s readily available to those industries that need them most. United States Mask also makes its product available for purchase in smaller quantities than other manufacturers.

"This is an American-made mask, manufactured to extremely stringent requirements," said Baillargeon. "We know a lot of companies are being overcharged and have to go through shady channels to get some of this protective gear. We offer a reliable product, made in the United States, shipped quickly and in smaller quantities — all for a fair price."United States Mask produces a million masks a month in its Fort Worth warehouse. For more information or to purchase, visit www.unitedstatesmask.com. For press inquiries or interviews, email info@unitedstatesmask.com. 

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